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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Presenting the all-new Vcare Personal Care series ( Part 1; Hair care)

Under health Products, you can read about personal and skin care products which I highly recommend. Now, a new upgraded series is available, and I tell you the benefit it brings is more then just healthy skin, it smells wondrous, repairs damaged cells of the skin and hair, cleanses and gives you an ultimate refreshed feeling with satisfaction.

Let's check out the healthy, all-natural improved Vcare personal care series.
In today's post, I'll highlight on the hair care products first, I'll move on to the other products A.S.A.P., hopefully. Enjoy!

1.Vcare Daily Care Shampoo-Healthy scaalp to healthy tresses
Dreaming of having healthy, shiny, bouncy hair with the absence of dandruff?
The Vcare daily care shampoo offers deep-layer cleansing and hydrates your hair to prevent dryness. As most of us are aware of, dry hair leads to dull looking tresses and the formation of split ends.
What is in this superb shampoo:-
  • Aloe vera and cucumber extracts- These two keeps your scalp is healthy and offers moisture-retention benefits to the hair, preventing dryness and split ends.
  • Red seaweed extract-Contains high levels of trace elements.Excellent in retaining moisture, nourishes the hair and adding volume, repair and regulate damages hair texture as well as offer smoothness to the touch.
  • Special repair ingredient(secret recipe)-Forms an antistatic protective film around tresses to prevent split ends and breakage.
  • Panthenol(Pro vitamin B5)-Increase hair volume density, increase smoothness and lets the hair shine with a healthy glow.
Vcare Daily Care Shampoo..>

2.Vcare Scalp Care Shampoo
Sometimes due to fatigue, mental stress, improper cleansing or diseases, the scalp's ecological balance could be altered causing proliferation of scalp flora (bacillus dander) which may result in itchiness and over-production of dandruff.
The Vcare scalp care shampoo is designed specially to beat the limits of an ordinary hair shampoo to deal with these kind of problem, hence the name scalp care shampoo.
Other than providing extra care for the scalp, this Vcare scalp care shampoo also offers scalp protection, regulates sebaceous secretion to control oil production, and restoring hair's health.
The valuable ingredients contained in the Vcare scalp care shampoo:-
  • Special Repair ingredient(secret recipe)-Forms an antistatic protective film to prevent hair breakage and split ends.
  • Panthenol(Pro vitamin B5)-Increase density of hair to ad volume, leaves the hair softer and shines healthier.
  • Climbazole-An anti-fungal.Retards proliferation of fungus and dandruff. Treats allergic scalp conditions.
  • Niacinamide(vitamin B3)-Prevents scalp inflammation, strengthen hair shaft and prevents split ends.
  • Menthol-Refreshing the scalp with a sense of coolness.
Vcare scalp care shampoo..>

3.Vcare Hair Repairing Serum
Sometimes our hair needs an additional measurement of hair care, especially if we spend many hours outdoors, in air conditioned rooms, fad diets or we swim a lot (chlorinated water). All of these have the possibilities to contribute to deterioration of hair health, that is why we have the Vcare hair repairing serum ,to repair your damaged tresses.
Packed with nourishment to improve hair's health and let it glow healthily and lively.
The magnifecent content of the Vcare hair repairing serum:-
  • Chitosan-A polysaccharide that is able to prevent breakage of hair, subdue fungal proliferation on scalp and removes unpleasant odors from the head.
  • Red seaweed extract-Retains moisture and softens hair.
  • Olive oil-Olive oil has been used as a hair conditioning agent for ages and yes it works well. It also nourishes roots of hair,strengthening elasticity, reduce chemical residue on hair, retain moisture and prevents split ends.
Okay so, here ends part 1 of the Vcare personal care series, come back for part 2! Have a good hair day to all. Thank you for reading.

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