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Friday, June 3, 2011

Curing pneumonia. Mission accomplished.

In this post, I'll be sharing two stories from ex-pneumonia patients who has found a remedy to cure their condition while preserving their well-being. Let's read how both of them managed to escape a lethal disease.


Name: Soong Ian Lee

Age: 30 (This was in year 2000, now she is 41, supposedly)

Sex: Female

Additional info: A Down's syndrome sufferer.

As for people who are caught with Down's syndrome, their physical constitution differs to that of normal children, due to a defective chromosome, the 21st chromosome. Often, their cognitive abilities are impaired  and their growth are not as smooth as a other kids.While physical impairment may not affect much of their lives, they are susceptible to more risky health-related issues such as cognitive heart defects, gastroesophageal reflux disease, recurrent ear infections(Eventually may cause loss of hearing), obstructive sleep apnea(sleeping disorder),infertility and thyroid dysfunction.

I'm not going to lecture on Down's syndrome, I'm just emphasizing that a person with this disorder are much fragile to diseases as their bodies are much weaker, and in accordance to the law of medicine their chances of subsiding from an illness is relatively lower than those who are free from a chromosome defect.

The story of Ian Lee(As told by her mother)

I'm Loh Kuan Eng from Seremban. Ian Lee is my daughter. In August 2000, My daughter was down with a sudden fever, accompanied with mild coughing. I took her to the clinic, and upon diagnosing, the doctor confirmed she has been infected with epidemic influenza. So, she was then prescribed with antibiotics, antiviruses and defervescent(Don't ask me what this is, I'm only a medium of sharing).
As days went by, Ian Lee's condition was opposite of improving, her coughing worsen and she could hardly get any sleep at night.

Left with no other options, we went for a 2nd visit to the clinic. The doctor suggests for an X-ray, and so we did. The X-ray revealed that Ian Lee's lungs were badly infected with germs, later on a confirmed diagnosis of pneumonia. The doctor referred her for hospitalization at the central hospital, and immediately as we arrived she was placed under IV(intravenous) drips and an oxygen mask.(The infection was causing her breathing difficulty, decreasing her blood pressure and weakening her heart beat)
For the next two days, there was still no obvious improvements to be seen. She couldn't even lie down to sleep at night and her breathing was heavy. The doctor suggested more intensive measurements as her condition was deteriorating. We consented, and in an instant paramedics gathered around Ian Lee, administrating her with anesthetics and inserted a tube into her throat for oxygen delivery directly into her lungs before taking her to the ICU(intensive care unit). Lying bed ridden for two whole days, no foods were allowed.

Her condition got even worse, and being a Down's  syndrome sufferer, things doesn't look too good. Her organs has started to weaken, at this point 2/3 of her lungs has been infected and this increases the risk of an infection to other organs. Her chances of recovering? 50%.
Even if she starts to improve, she will have to depend on an oxygen mask, and there will be no tolerations for food in the first two weeks. All she could have was IV drips and injections of antibiotics. Sight of sadness.
Entering the 3rd week, the doctor inserted a tube through her nose for a specially formulated milk feed, that was then I as well, started her on Lingzhi capsules and Protein Powder. In three days, she started to show vertigo reactions(also known as healing crisis, I'd be covering on this A.S.A.P. InsyaAllah). Her coughing was severe and rashes appeared all over her body (these are indications of toxins being expelled), including the massive flourishing pimples on her face. Over the next few days, all of these symptoms were gradually fading. Following doctor's treatment, Ian Lee was prescribed  with a fluid formulation to arrest coughing, however, each time it was given to her, she would tremble all over and went placid. I request for withdrawal of that fluid, the doctor gradually reduce the dosage and ceased treatment upon Ian Lee's reaction of that particular treatment.

I continued on giving her lingzhi and protein powder, and miraculously improvements are noticeable. Days later Ian Lee was transferred to a general patient ward, no more ICU for her. I went on prescribing her with lingzhi and pollen until she no longer needed to depend on the oxygen mask and could look after her personal hygiene. Two weeks later, her breathing, heart-beat and blood pressure regained a normal measurement and she was due for discharge.

As we got back home, Lingzi and Pollen consumption was still on-going, I gave her 3 capsules of lingzhi and 5 pollens twice daily(in the morning and before sleep).
In December 2000, we went for a medical check up to see how things were going, and results showed a high level of oxygen in her blood and with an X-ray we can see her lungs have been cleared out of infections, portraying a recovery of her prior condition.
In March 2001, we went for another scheduled check up and the astonished doctor announced that Ian Lee was perfectly in a robust health and no longer needed any medications. She has been since then on a consistent daily lingzhi-pollen supplement, with a lower dosage to maintain her health condition.

(It was found that lingzhi was more effective in curing pneumonia and in treating associated symptoms such as coughing, phlegm and asthma. The sulphur compound found in lingzhi was an effective component for treating bronchitis and inhibits inflammatory responses. With lingZhi there is significant improvements in sleeping pattern, cold resistance, elimination of stress and regulates appetite as well as balances immunity functions.)

Yung Kien Pollen / Yung Kien Lingzhi

Name: Oon Kai Fan

Age: 5 (Also in the year 2000, now he should be 16)

Sex: Male

Additional info: Also suffering from asthma

The story of Kai Fan(As told by his mother)

My name is Loo Swee Geok, I'm from Singapore. My son Kai Fan has been seeing the doctor since he was 4 months old due to endless coughing. On one occasion, he cried the whole night accompanied with non-stop panting, my husband and I thought it was merely a discomfort and did not pursue with any actions. The next morning we were stunned to find our little baby's lips were black and was still coughing without a pause. We immediately took him to a pediatrician. After checking Kai Fan, no absolute conclusion was made, but possibilities were he was under an asthma attack.

The condition appeared critical, thus the pediatrician referred us to a specialist hospital for further examination. There he had to depend on oxygen supply to aid his breathing. As he was too young at that moment, the hospital attendants used medical devices to drain phlegm out of his lungs. He was warded for 5 days.

One month later Kai Fan was facing a recurrent attack, we hastily headed for the hospital and he was placed under the same treatment as before, oxygen supply and phlegm removal.This time he was warded for three days and a diagnosis was confirmed, our son had asthma.

The 3rd time he went under an asthma attack, again we went for the hospital and again he was warded for another 3 days. Between the age 4-7 months old, Kai Fan has been going in and out of the hospital for three times due to his recurrent asthma attacks and he was also confirmed suffering from pneumonia.

Being discharged from the hospital, Kai Fan was presented with some gifts- two types of asthmatic sprays, one for prevention and the other to be used when under an attack. He was also constipated.When Kai Fan was 7 months old, we were introduced to Lingzhi and Bee Pollen, which we'd mix with his formulated milk (1lingzhi : 2 pollen). Gradually we increased the amount given to 3 capsules of lingzhi and 6 capsules of pollen daily. We fed him with the mixture 4 hours once. Two days after consuming this mixture , vertigo reaction takes place. Rashes sprouted all over his body. After a long 2 weeks of vertigo reaction, he no longer requires oxygen supply when visiting the hospital. But he did continued on the asthmatic drugs to cool down monstrous attacks.

After a year or so on lingzhi-pollen consumption, attacks do recur, but less severely and no longer do we have to rush to the hospital. Now, 4 years later he is still maintaining the lingzhi-pollen consumption to maintain his health and keep his asthma at bay. He has been free from any attacks since and the pneumonia has totally diminished. Kai Fan now is in kindergarten, and just as any kid would be, he is happy. The best part is he is able to be active and plays happily with his new little mates.

That's all for now, thank you for the read guys. Have a wonderful evening and salam.(^_^)


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