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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Caring for the skin - more than just skin deep

Our skin is waterproof and acts as a protection against microorganism, the weather and whatever that comes in contact with it. Don't we all desire for a flawless,smooth and radiant skin? Especially when facial is concerned. Unfortunately not everyone has perfect skin. But it's not impossible to obtain a healthy ,blemish-free and pinkish glowing complexion. Just put in some effort before you can gain the amazing results you've been yearning for.
 As you can see, the skin is made up of several layers, deep under the skin lies the sebaceous gland. This particular gland secretes oil and without proper cleansing skin will appear oily, trapping dust and dirt in pores of skin, thus sprouting pimples.
Adolescence is usually the time when our skin becomes sensitive, its caused by an overactive gland secretions, the more oil comes out the higher chances of zits to appear. Other contributing factors to skin deterioration are oxidation(pigmentation), stress(dryness), UV rays(wrinkles), pollution(fine lines) and air conditioning causes dehydration. But no worries, be it teen sensitive skin or middle aged wrinkles, there's a solution for all.

Introducing Vcare skincare series

Okay, I found out about this superb skincare range. Not only it's all natural and free of harmful substances, its safe, repairs and heals cell, increases blood flow to the skin, suites all types of skin condition, effective and smells wonderful.
The highlight on this skincare products are extracted lingzhi and aloe barbadensis(superior quality of the aloe vera family) using nano technology producing molecules smaller than pores of skin for optimized absorption of nutrients, with algae and hyaluronic acid that promotes 24-hour moisture retention.
The uniqueness of the  nanonized;-
  1. lingzhi,namely ganoderma lucidum-makes its way deep under layers of skin to heal, revitalize, cleanse, increase blood flow and delays aging.
  2. aloe barbadensis-relieves pain, calms the nerves, offer antibacterial properties, reducing swelling and inflammation, alleviates itchiness, catalyze healing tissues and promotes new healthy cell growth.
Algae extract is rich in vitamins and minerals, effectively calms sensitivity of skin, regulates sebaceous gland secretion and reduces acne formation.

More than just cleansing, the Vcare skincare products assists in tissue healing, nourishes skin tissues, and harmless, making your skin flawless,supple and moisturized.

*NOTE; the best hours for cell rejuvenation is between 10pm-2am. Applying nourished night cream at these hours to obtain maximized absorption.

Get to know Vcare skincare products;-

Vcare makeup remover - More than just removing make up, this milky textured product serves as a deep cleanser, penetrating deep under your skin to provide a total cleanliness. For make up users, it's important that you remove your make up thoroughly to avoid the occurrence infections. Also containing jojoba oil for deep pore cleansing, cucumber extract which is rich in vitamins B1 and C,mineral salts that moisturizes skin naturally, tones and deep cleansing. Another beneficial ingredient is chamomile which is effective in reducing inflammation.

Vcare exfoliating gel- As the name suggests, this smooth gel exfoliates the dead cells that's causing your dull complexion.It gently remove unwanted cells without damaging the skin.It too,contains chamomile, reducing inflammation while moisturize and soothes the skin. Containing fruit acid(AHA) and Vitamin E from apples extract offering deep cleansing while exfoliating. Another content is lavender which regulates sebum secretion and promotes cellular regeneration.

Vcare toner - Unlike other toners in the market, Vcare toner contains no alcohol thus eliminating the dehydrating effects of alcohol. Effective for moisture retention when exposed to air conditioned environments, hot sunny outdoors or air pollutants. Contains extracts of roses, rosemary and cucumber which smooths and softens the skin while nourishing, fortify skin's immunity, retard pimple's growth and increasing blood flow to the skin. For best results, apply on a cotton facial mask, leave for maximum 15minutes.

Vcare refining serum-Contains a special ingredient, the nano L ascorbic acid which serves as an effective anti oxidant, getting rid of free radicals and is absorb faster than ordinary ascorbic acids while offering whitening effects. Enriched with rose and green tea extracts, providing moisture retention, preserve skin's resilience, youthful radiance, prevents the onset of cancer and antioxidant properties.Lastly it's an anti aging agent, effective for reducing and prevent wrinkles.

Vcare day and night cream - For protection against UV rays and pollutants while moisture is retained in the day and offers nourishment, replenishment of nutrients and repairing in the night.
The day cream is mainly for protection, and it protects effectively from rays and free radicals, having titanium dioxide in nano molecules, vitamin E, olive oil and sun block agents PA++ and SPF 15.
The night cream on the other hand offers no protection against UV rays, however its enriched with gingko biloba, green tea extracts, vitamin B5 and olive oil which promotes superb nourishing effects, moisturizes, eliminates free radicals, strengthen skin cells and retard aging. This is a complete food for the skin. Apply before sleep to wake up feeling fresh, vibrant and energized. The effects are amazing, it's like falling in love all over again.

A few more tips to achieve healthy looking skin ;-
  • A balanced diet.
  • Enough water consumption.
  • exercise.
  • Enough sleep and rest.
  • Avoid smoking & alcohol intake.
  • Positive attitude.


Anonymous said...

bestnye :)

Anonymous said...

Where to get the Vcare stuff?

Mak anak tiga said...

contact me at

About Your Skin said...

Cleansing is the most important part of skin care. Regular cleansing of skin protects our skin from damage and make it look more fresh and healthy. So, we should all practice Cleansing our skin in proper way regularly.

SymptomSpy said...

The skin is considered the largest organ of the body and yet we abuse it regularly. It demands the same care we give our heart, lungs, liver etc.

aeshcame said...

true indeed. thanks for the comments

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