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<b>الحمد لله</b>

Monday, January 17, 2011

Coffee and Caffeines

If you're like me and enjoy drinking coffee, you probably notice that drinking coffee is an addiction. Yes, many of us can't deny the need for a daily dose of coffee once we're hooked up on it. So, why not we satisfy our throats at the same time improving our body's health instead of heading for a wasteful deterioration.
The most important factor in a cup of coffee is the beans. It's been circulating around that arabica and brazilian coffee beans wins the vote. A limited intake of coffee per day is actually beneficial for our vitality, and of course when the coffee is mixed with so much of other unknown substances, flavors and preservatives they no longer have their quality purposes and may bring harm to the body. That is why choosing the right coffee is important, if you care how it affects you internally.
The caffeine in the coffee brings about a series of therapeutic values despite rumors that the caffeine is a bad guy, keep in mind that a daily dose of 300mg, about 3 cups a day is sufficient. Take more and you'll face the consequences. Okay, let's see what goodness this notorious caffeine has to offer:-
  1. Stimulates the nervous system (including CNS,central nervous system)
  2. Excites the autonomic nervous system- enhancing mental alertness, recovers fatigue, expel sleepiness, speeds up blood circulation, preserves body warmth, alleviates headache.
  3. Refreshes the mind.
  4. Improves concentration.
  5. Relieves rigidity of muscles extremities.
  6. Promotes diuresis.
  7. Enhance renal function.
  8. Promotes antioxidant abilities.
  9. Retards aging.
  10. Alleviates bloated stomach and edema.
  11. Catalyzes muscle contraction.
  12. Improves appetite and aids digestion.
Okay, so these factors puts coffee in the highlight. But wait, how do you know which coffee is the best? With many of them commercialized and are added with preservatives and such.. I've have a solution. Here I am today, bringing you this great product, the CEO coffee. Made from  prime arabican coffee beans,
using all natural ingredients and fortified with the awesome mushroom,lingzhi. This is a 3in1 beverage, containing low fat non dairy creamer, made from coconut giving the coffee a milky flavor that's free from trans fatty acids, hence eliminating the burden to your health. With a rich and delicate taste with the sweet aroma of roasted beans,it makes drinking CEO coffee not only enjoyable but nutritious and delicious as well. Why not start today, drink a cup of wholesome benefits without enduring the guilt. Available in two versions, with and without sugar. RM35 for a box of 20sachets. For more info's leave a comment and your details, or email me at Thanks for reading!

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