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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Honey and Health - Wholesome sweetness & Goodness

Did you know that for the past 2000 years honey has been widely used as consumption as well as a medicine. One of honey's most treasured values is it's capability to catalyze healing wounds. It was use as an application by wounded soldiers to hasten wound healing.
It's natural sweetness makes it a perfect yet healthy substitute for sugar. Mix it with warm water, tea or even into lemonade and you will get not only yummy beverages but as well as it's health contribution.Not only that honey is also abundant with antioxidants, just what everyone is hunting for.
Honey is also associated with effective weight loss, especially if taken together with lime juice or cinnamon.
Honey is also considered the most complete food, scientifically proven to provide the body with all of essential nutrients that is needed for growth and bodily functions.
I'm not going to go deep into elaboration with honey now, I just would like to offer this FREE Ebook on honey and it's magnificent values, here I present you with honey-licious;
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Up2saya.. said...

love to use honey with tea or with bread but so difficult to find the real honey...

Mak anak tiga said...

Try the organic stores, they probably have better options to be selected from.. don't go for the way-too-cheap honeys from the supermarket,it could have been added with flavorings, additives or water.

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