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الحمد لله

<b>الحمد لله</b>

Friday, April 1, 2011

Patience and it's Benefits : The Way life should be Lived

How was your day? Did you woke up late and got yourself stuck in a traffic jam? Or did some one cut the queue at the post office? Did your kid threw tantrums and made you lose your temper? Or whatever the situation might be, aren't we all just vulnerable of losing our patience everyday? The cause could be big but it also could be something minor, the truth is , either it's a big or small trigger, it's really up to us.
Patience is encouraged, but how many of us remember to keep our cool when we're boiling up? If we want to, we could yoinu know, we just need to always pray that we are given patience to deal with all the problems, all the obstacles, all the challenges and all the people we have to face with. Tell yourself, 'I'm patient, I always will be' and if God willing,InsyaAllah you will be.

Patience isn't only an act of positivity. It's what makes an individual a better person. Not only spiritually or emotionally but also physically. It does affect our organs and our body system's health. This is why to have patience is crucial. It's not just about being ethical and bringing ourselves towards an act of piety, at the same time it improves our body system.
By being patience what can you obtain?;-
  • You'd be able to think rationally and calmly, thus decisions are made wisely and you'd be able to differentiate between what's good and what's not.
  • Your heart will beat calmly and improves blood flow. By letting anger rise the heat beats rapidly and blood's viscosity is increase, impairing blood flow and provoking the occurrence of high  blood pressure.
  • Being dissatisfied all the time or most of the time is not a requirement for perfection, this is an attitude of of ungratefulness, since no one is ever perfect, and nothing will be done perfectly. Why fret? You're not perfect either . So learn to accept others mistakes  as you should have with yourself. All this feelings are negative and they impair the health of your lungs, it increases the formation of free radicals in your body and could be the cause of diseases, including cancer. There are cases of people who had breathing problems due to stress.
  • When your mood is uncontrolled, it will control you. By letting your feelings mess about ,you are actually letting it on a strike internally. It could cause a chaos in your hormone system, disturb a proper digestion and impair your gut's health.
  • Patience will ease all the negativity in your head and lets you deal with life calmly. No problem would be too great to handle.
  • Reduces anxiety and definitely effective in overcoming anger.
Patience isn't hard to be practice, the first vital step is starting it. And the rest will follow. You can figure out for yourself which is better,  to storm out like a mad man(leaving you with humility, loss of respect and remorse later on..) or to be as cool as a cucumber and live life like it should  be. For challenges are what makes life worth living. Being stagnant is like a drawing, always the same, no improvement, nothing, just plain and boring.
That it, last words for today, Thank you for reading!And many thanks to my recurrent readers...

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