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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Tib An Nabawi (part 1) : Bringing You Medicine of The Prophet ( Staying healthy)

This is the book which I've read. It's about how to lie well and treat illnesses as it was done by The Prophet SAW (Pbuh). And after reading this terrific book I've realized there's so much of knowledge that is still far from my grasps. But what I did comprehend from this book I'd like to share about it here with all of you for the benefit of all.
I'll start with staying healthy.
There are 10 things, as written in this book, that may bring harm to the body if left congested in the body, in the need for elimination, they are:-
  1. Irritated blood
  2. Urine
  3. Excrement
  4. Air
  5. Excessive sperm
  6. Vomit
  7. The need to sneeze
  8. Thirst
  9. Sleep
  10. Hunger
These factors as mentioned above may cause disturbance in the body's homeostatic balance, thus the need to be thrown out of the body. Sometimes, they are not eliminated due several possibilities;- Excessive heat and dryness in the body that may delay elimination processes or impair normal bodily functions.
Just look at the millennium menu, blame the fast food, trans fatty acids, excessive salt and processed foods that alters the body's capacity of dealing with waste products.

*Hippocrates later also mention about the importance of a balanced state between four body humors(fluids) that is significant to our health, namely phlegm, blood, yellow and black bile.

Also known as temperament, it needs to be in moderation. Too much isn't good, too little is no good as well. Temperament changes are caused by consumption but also by mod and temper. Stress and anxiety disturbs blood thickness and circulation and brings about the presence of unnecessary hormones into the blood stream.
Ailments are brought about by physical causes that includes poor eating habits and lack of exercising and temperament-related.
Here are some useful tips how we can preserve body's health:-
  • Eat and drink sensibly. Overeating disturbs digestion, disrupt nutrient absorption, delay elimination processes, harms the heart, weakens the stomach and attracts illnesses.
  • Be mobile. Idleness is never good for the body, especially when you're getting too much of it. Move. Your muscles contract with activity, no movements no contractions.
  • Sleeping at the right time, which is at night and be awake at the right time, preferably in the morning.
  • Have a dose of fresh air, design your residence for serenity, be calm and sensible at all times is the best.
Diseases comes in two forms: affects the physical and the heart(spiritual). It is said that a diseased heart is when it is contaminated with doubtfulness, error, lust and desire while physical illnesses is well, physical illnesses.
The heart becomes well when it is fed with knowledge, especially of it's creator. Instinct usually will guide you rightfully, when I say instinct I don't mean desire, for these are two different things. Desire drives you usually to the wrong places. A physical illness can be a result of a tainted heart, thus deep thoughts and an analysis of your condition may lead you back to a state of robust. Search for the cause, then study the ailment and on to the hunt for a cure.  Remember, for each illness, there is always a cure1.
A physical ailment attacks, harms the body and alters bodily functions. The usual causes of this is due to over-consumption of unnecessary substances. As we all should be aware of 1/3 of the stomach should be filled with food, 1/3 with water and 1/3 with air.
An over-filled tummy drives in laziness, impair breathing, bringing about fatigue, slows down brain activity, harms the heart, weakens the body, delays digestion and nutrient absorption.
    Okay that is it for part 1. There are more to come, I'll write up on the consumption guide later on, hopefully it benefits all of you well. Till then, have a good day and Thank you always for reading. Goodnight!
    1.HS Muslim, The Prophet SAW(Pbuh) said: "Every illness has a cure and when
    the proper cure is applied to a disease, it ends it, Allah willing"

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