Is white sugar toxic?

Assalamualaikum. Let's talk about sugar. 

When I was younger, I thought sugar was only used in beverages - coffees & teas. 
However, as time passed by I realized sugar was added not only in beverages but also in many of the on shelf products. 
( including canned food, instant meals, yoghurt drinks etc. Learn to read the ingredients, not all product are labelled honestly )

Then came another surprise, many people include sugar as an essential ingredient for a variety of cooking recipes. I am not talking about desserts, I'm talking about gravy, soups and curry.

A hint of sugar is okay. 
A lot of sugar is poison. 

Here are 6 of the health problems that may be trigger from consuming too much sugar :-

1) Weight gain ( Obesity ) 
~ Studies have shown, sugar is one of the major contributors to obesity. 
~ Fructose is linked to increased hunger, thus the desire to eat more. 

2) Diabetes ( High blood sugar )
~ Diabetes takes many years before symptoms are noticeable.
~ A high sugar diet leads to obesity and insulin resistance.
~ A high blood sugar reading indirectly tells us that the pancreas is not working as it should've been.
It's not only about sugar, our organs are deteriorating.
Medication is able to control our blood sugar reading, but only a change in diet and lifestyle helps our body to once again be healthy inside out, from top to bottom, physically and mentally. 

3) Acne ( Pimples )
~ A spike in blood glucose and insulin level increases androgen secretion, oil production and causes inflammation. 

4) Increased risk for heart disease and cancer

5) Increased risk for depression 

6) Accelerate aging 

Other possible complications including fatty liver, cellular aging and kidney disease.   

To stop sugar intake, avoid sudden changes in your diet.
Take it slow, be gradual but consistent.

Firstly cut sugar from our recipes at home and find a natural source for substitute. 
I don't recommend artificial sweeteners.
I believe natural source are always the best choice.
You can try any of these - organic raw can sugar ( the most similar taste to white sugar ) , molasses sugar , coconut sugar, monk fruit sugar ( zero calories ) or stevia.

All the best :)


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